1_0_769073For the first time I am hearing a pope speak a language I understand and which rings true.  Beginning with my earlier post titled “Cleansing of the Temple” where he severely chastised errant priests, the pope goes on now to make another awesome statement saying: “When you lose the sense of sin, you lose the sense of the Kingdom of God” quoted from the Vatican Insider dated 31st Jan, 2014. An interesting article and worth reading.  Moreover, The Pope confesses that even he himself can fall into the trap of losing this sense of sin. But a commitment to daily prayer, he stresses, can counter the injustices perpetrated out of human pride and stop so many from falling victim to “Christian mediocrity” and our “unrecognized sins.” (Vatican Radio-31.1.2014).  This is a far cry from any infallible positions overstated in the past and closer to the pope being a truer human being.  This is the kind of human being that the layperson can relate to.

Dealing decisively and honestly with the murky issues of pedophile priests – a stream of muddy water that refuses to go away – the Vatican’s prosecutor states that henceforward the Pope won’t be lenient with predator priests (Reuters), because truth and justice are more important than protecting the Church.  At last good sense prevails.  If only someone had started this process earlier, so many damaged lives would have been saved.  You can bet the whole world will be watching this issue most closely and especially the on going threat of the Gay-Lobby inside the Vatican that remains to be seen as to what action will be taken by the curial reforms supposedly taking place by the especially appointed eight Cardinals to tackle the issue.

And so the cleansing wind continues to blow and clear away the cobwebs accumulated in the house of God.  May God be praised as the people of God assist in unceasing prayer!


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