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A Christmas Video Greeting 2015 – Christ the Light of the World!

Lazarus and the Rich Man

By Ian D’Souza

[It is suggested that you view the video first and then read the article that follows below for a detailed explanation]

In (Luke 16:19-31), Jesus shares the story of Lazarus (Meaning: “God is my help”) and Dives (Dives: Latin for “Rich Man”).

Today, it is customary perhaps for the Rich to be listed in some Fortune Magazine and hailed as heroes of society, alongside a summary of their total net-worth. However, in this parable, God the owner and creator of all wealth does not project the rich man as an example to be followed; rather it appears that the case of Lazarus is being highlighted.  It must be noted that Lazarus was not poor because he was immoral, nor was he under judgment for any crime committed. Neither of these men represented in the parable gained their moral state, nor received their everlasting reward, based on their physical earthly condition.  The Scriptures remind us that God sees the disposition of the heart always (cf.1 Samuel 16:7; 1 Peter 3:4). The heart of man is independent of one’s earthly possessions, though it must be said that earthly possessions can certainly influence one’s heart condition for the better or the worse, as the parable reveals. Continue reading

A practical demonstration on how to surrender your problems to God!

A practical demonstration on how to surrender your problems to God! Are you plagued with problems and burdens that you do not know how to get out of? Learn how to cast your burden upon the Lord for He cares for you (1 Pet 5:7). A seven minute video explaining some simple basics on Surrender! I’m sure we know this, but we forget, and a reminder is necessary. Take care to be doers of the Word and not hearers only.

[Note:  The closing slide in the above video has been erroneously mentioned as (Eph 4:6-7) instead of (Phil 4:6-7), error regretted.  

Love of the World is Enmity with God

Youth Recollection – 16th March, 2014, Mumbai CCR. “Talk on Love of the World is Enmity with God”. Attended by around 300 youth from all over Mumbai City at the Apostolic Carmel Convent Hall, Bandra. Based on the biblical narrative of Abraham and Lot – (Gen 12 – Gen 20).

The sad story of Lot (Carnal Christian) who desires to profess a relationship with God on one hand and yet keep his one foot in the world. Having the best of both worlds does not work in the Christian Life. We cannot serve God and Mammon together.

Let This Cup Pass – The Passion of Christ

Let This Cup Pass – The Passion of Christ – talk given at the Passion Retreat, Mumbai CCR, 2013