This is the personal blog of IAN D’SOUZA residing in Mumbai, India.  This site exists because of the urgent need to provide truth & light in these days of ever deepening darkness.  This endeavour to publish the Truth as enabled by the Holy Spirit, is at the service of the universal church of Christ made up of believing Christians around the globe.  All lovers of TRUTH are welcome to browse these pages and be edified through its contents. I would be personally grateful and edified myself, if you would follow this blog to stay updated for fresh content. If you have a blog or website that shares similar thoughts, I would be most happy to follow you too.

Besides areas of Truth which may be doctrinal in nature, this site will also host articles good for your everyday spiritual edification.

This site will feature truths of the co-crucified life from the scriptures which are scarce and hardly available in these days of burgeoning apostasy.  Gleaned mainly from the Pauline Letters they provide meat for the hungry heart that is way past the liquid diet of milk food. In the process of digesting these truths we might also unearth many errors and excesses rampant across Christendom in general.

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  1. Hello, I am very grateful for the work you are doing in spreading Truth, the absolute Truth of the Church’s infallible dogma that God created all things in the beginning of time from nothing instantaneously. I have Fr. Wurkulwiz’s book, in fact he has spoken at my parish in Pennsylvania. God Bless, Ed Taraba


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