God on the Mountain

An Easter Greeting 2015 for everyone!

Show Me The Cross (performed by the Smiths) with an Easter Video Message Greeting for family & friends – Easter 2015. In these days Paul warned that the love for God in men’s hearts will grow cold.  It is only when the Cross of Christ is kept in central focus, that the Christian is able to keep from drifting away from God!

He is Coming Again – A Christmas Video Greeting 2014

This is a Christmas Video Greeting prepared for all my relatives and friends on planet earth. This Christmas, I felt led to share the importance of being alert to what is happening in the world today and how it all points to Christ’s imminent second coming.  Feel free to share the message with whomever you feel might benefit.


Video Songs – God On The Mountain & Others

Lynda Randle with the Gaithers. These video songs – God on the Mountain, One Day at a Time, He Touched Me and many more will minister to you when you are going through storms and valley-like situations and testing of your faith which is required by all Christians who want to become Christ-like.  The album is by the Gaithers. Listen and be edified.