Keys to the Deeper Life – By A. W. Tozer

Grace deeper lifeA New Yearning Among Evangelicals

Within the hearts of a growing number of evangelicals (and born again-Catholics) in recent days has arisen a new yearning after an above-average spiritual experience. Yet the greater number still shy away from it and raise objections that evidence misunderstanding or fear or plain unbelief (brackets mine). They point to the neurotic, the psychotic, the pseudo-Christian cultist and the intemperate fanatic, and lump them all together without discriminations as followers of the “deeper life.” While this is of course completely preposterous, the fact that such confusion exists obliges those who advocate the Spirit-filled life to define their terms and explain their position. Just what, then, do we mean? And what are we advocating? Continue reading


francis-chrismFurther to my earlier article Is Marriage for Catholic Clergy the Answer?, it is tempting to see the glimmer of reform as another sign of the “Francis effect”, with the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio opening doors that had hitherto been locked in the area of married clergy. But a word of caution. Among those friends in Argentina who know him best, he is almost universally described as a conservative. “He loves his celibacy,” his former press spokesman Father Guillermo Marco told me.

Yet this is not an either/or choice.  There can still be a place for a celibate priesthood as well as married priests, as happens, for example, in the Orthodox branch of Christianity, where the upper echelons of bishops are reserved for those without wives. Continue reading

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus!

The above song video is based on a true story of how a Christian family was martyred for their faith and is being sent out as an Easter Greeting! Please view and listen carefully to the awesome story details that made this song a headliner today.


crucifixion-255x189In the crucifixion narrative of Mark’s Gospel in Chapter 15 verse 16 onward, we catch some important glimpses of the various people involved with and gathered around the Cross of Jesus.  Mark’s view is not the view of the crowd looking at Jesus, but rather the view from the Cross itself, looking at the crowd. Gathered around the foot of the cross were a great number of individuals, or groups of individuals, who he brings before us so that we might see their reactions to the crucifixion of our Lord. Let’s look at them one at a time: Continue reading

Is Marriage for Catholic Clergy the Answer?

140205111748-vatican-statues-horizontal-galleryThe present Pope Francis has been under severe criticism right through the first year of his Pontificate for not tackling the pedophile priests matter more thoroughly.  Like his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI who did nothing much about it (though there are claims of 400 priests being defrocked by him in 2011 & 2012), this scandal refuses to go away.  It has now turned global in nature as cases once restricted to just Ireland and the US have begun to explode all over Europe and beyond especially in the years 2011 & 12 which forced Pope Benedict to do something about it.  Often referred to as a disease, but more accurately termed as sin, the time has come no doubt for a spiritual spring-cleaning within.  The magnitude of the problem has for the first time caused a secular body like the UN to rap the Vatican on its knuckles as it were, using harsh language such as “kick out those who abuse children“. Continue reading

The Basic Gospel – Salvation Message

Basic Gospel Message : (< Click on this title for full message)

 salvation(Dear friend, please read through this message below very slowly and carefully.  This is the most important message that you will ever need to hear.  It concerns the Gospel of your salvation according to the Scriptures (1 Cor 15:3).  There is no other Gospel other than that which the Scriptures reveal, which was once and for all delivered to the saints). 


The Bible Speaks Today – Torchbearers for Christ

let-your-light-shineLet your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 5:16)

In the year 2012 we recently witnessed a global sports event that takes place every four years – The Olympic Games! The Olympic flame is a symbol of the Olympic Games. Its origins lie in ancient Greece, where a fire was kept burning throughout the celebration of the ancient Olympics. As per the custom, the Olympic torch is lit in Greece and then relayed by “Torchbearers” to the various designated sites of the games. These torchbearers are usually famous people or celebrities whom the country is proud to show off. In this 2012 olympics, Amitabh Bachchan was the first Indian film celebrity to be one of the Olympic Torchbearers. Torchbearers are people that others would want to emulate, they are role models. It is a great honour to be chosen to carry the Olympic Torch. Continue reading