Cleansing of the Temple

d6f4ca6293Bishops and priests getting a lashing from the Holy Father??  I stared in disbelief at the news article in front of me from the “Vatican Insider” as reported by Andrea Tornielli, Vatican City, dated 16th January 2014. After years of cover-up and shameless scandals related to money, power and sex, this tirade by the Pope was like a welcome breath of fresh air. However, it also brought home the sombre reality and frailty of man – any man – clergy or laity notwithstanding.  The excellently written article by Andrea needs no interference from my part, so I have reproduced it completely in italics below.

At this morning’s homily in St. Martha’s House, Francis asked: “are we all ashamed of those scandals, of those failings of priests, bishops, laity?” Continue reading