The Bible Speaks Today – God Promises To Guide Us

Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_327553God’s Word is represented as a lamp for the feet.  It is a “lamp”, not a blazing sun, nor even a lighthouse–but a plain, common lamp or lantern which one can carry about in the hand. It is a lamp “for the feet,” not throwing its beams far and wide, but shining its light only on the little bit of road ahead on which the Christian’s feet are walking.  The law of divine guidance is, “Step by step”. One who holds up a lantern on a dark village-road at night, sees only one step before him. If he takes that step, the lantern also moves forward, making the next step plain. In this way, finally he reaches his destination in safety, without once stepping into darkness. The whole way was shown to him, but only one single step at a time. This illustrates the usual method of God’s guidance. Continue reading