The 40 Year Journey – What Next? (Text – talk)

DSC_0211(Opening talk by Ian D’Souza at the Ruby Jubilee CCR Convention held in Mumbai, India, on 3rd & 4th February, 2012)

The purpose of this opening talk is to interpret the spiritual journey of the CCR (its people) over the last 40 yrs and discover what God wants for us ahead.

In your program brochures you will find an article titled “the 40 years gone by”.  There we have traced a brief history of the past, as to how the renewal started from very humble beginnings.  We are privileged to have the two people God used to bring the renewal to Mumbai from the US 40 yrs ago, right here in our midst – They are none other than Minoo & Luz Maria Engineer!  It has always amazed me that the Lord should ever choose human instruments to carry out His work here on earth.  We are well aware that He does not need us, but chooses to include us in His plans, which is nothing but a privilege. Continue reading