The Dangers of Boy & Girl Relationships

When I finished school and entered college, one of the first peer pressures to hit me was through the popular line “who’s your chick, man?” or in other words do you have a girlfriend and if so, who is she?  It was kind of customary to have a special girlfriend to generally hang around with so as to be with the “in” crowd.  Be it custom or not, the trend is definitely here to stay with the current generation. Strangely, in previous generations, our parents, grandparents and upwards seemed to have had a far stricter view of boy & girl relationships. One wonders if perhaps they knew something of the dangers involved and therefore used the stricter and wiser approach.  We will never know for sure because correct instruction in these truths were never properly handed down to future generations. However, God in his wisdom and love for His youth is helping us to see the dangers of pre-marital relationships between young people in search of love. Continue reading