The Personal Prayer Walk – 2


In part – 1, we saw the beginnings of prayer which was much like the honeymoon time enjoyed by a couple in love and 32371_10151347701303072_664792962_nquite often extends from months to years.  But then as the honeymoon period began to wane, there arose the difficulties of a receding love for God and a cooling desire for prayer causing much anguish and perplexity in the life of the young Christian. What the newly renewed Christian has failed to realize, is that just as in a marriage, the honeymoon time was only the starting point of the Christian walk.  His Christian walk had only just begun and those first ecstatic months or years were only a foretaste of God’s love.  He does not realize that it is these very same young and genuinely growing Christians that are moved to the next stages of growth. Continue reading