compiled by Michael Jeshurun

“Christianity cannot be integrated with yoga and remain Christian. To think otherwise imperils the Christian truth and faith. As the managing editor of ‘Hinduism Today,’ Sannyasin Arumugaswami, remarks, ‘Hinduism is the soul of yoga ‘based as it is on Hindu Scripture and developed by Hindu sages. Yoga opens up new and more refined states of mind, and to understand them one needs to believe in and understand the Hindu way of looking at God. . . . A Christian trying to adapt these practices will likely disrupt their own Christian beliefs’.’ East is east, and west is west, and if Christianity is to remain Christian, ‘the twain’ should never be married. – Pastor Larry De Bruyn

“The practice of Yoga is Pagan at best, and Occult at worst. Its teachings emanate from the Eastern religions, all of which teach that self is God, only we just don’t realize it until we do the techniques. ‘The goal of Yoga is SELF-REALIZATION – to look deeply within to what ought to be the temple of the one true God and to discover the alleged TRUE SELF or HIGHER SELF to be God. Nothing could be more religious than that, yet with straight faces, all of the Yogis insist that practicing Yoga does not change anyone’s religious beliefs.” — Mike Oppenheimer

“There is a common misconception in the West that Hatha-yoga, one of about ten forms of Yoga that supposedly leads to self-realization, is merely a neutral form of exercise, a soothing and effective alternative for those who abhor jogging and calisthenics …

“[However], Hatha-yoga is ‘one of the six recognized systems of orthodox Hinduism’ and is at its roots religious and mystical. It is also one of the most difficult and potentially dangerous [spiritually] forms of Yoga. “The term hatha is derived from the verb hath, which means ‘to oppress.’… What the practice of hatha-yoga is designed to do is suppress the flow of psychic energies through these channels [“symbolic, or psychic, passages on either side of the spinal column”], thereby forcing the ‘serpent power’ or the kundalini force to rise through the central psychic channel in the spine (the sushumna) and up through the chakras, the supposed psychic centers of human personality and power. Westerners mistakenly believe that one can practice Hatha-yoga apart from the philosophical and religious beliefs that undergrid it. This is an absolutely false belief. …

“You cannot separate the exercises from the philosophy. … ‘The movements themselves become a form of meditation.’ The continued practice of the exercises will, whether you … intend it or not, eventually influence you toward an Eastern/mystical perspective. That is what it is meant to do! … There is, by definition, no such thing as ‘neutral’ Yoga” — Johanna Michaelsen, Like Lambs to the Slaughter, pp. 93-95).

THIS is just the tip of the ice berg concerning Yoga and its Pagan Roots. So if you’re a born-again child of God, before you join some ‘Yoga classes’ or start practicing Yoga at home, I would advise you to do a ‘Google’ search on Yoga and its pagan connections. The truth might shock you!

“Ye CANNOT drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye CANNOT be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils. Do we provoke the Lord to jealousy? Are we stronger than He?” [1Cor 10:21,22] – M.J.   Source


  1. I am looking forward to your commentary. My blog is to bring views to my followers who otherwise would not receive them. I am very careful of what I reblog and if you scroll back a few, I have set forth my responsibility to my blog. I am a commenter not a writer per se’. Sometimes I make a mistake. If you find a reblog that you do not agree with, please comment. I am KJV based but don’t mind other translations but if I don’t agree I check KJV and open a discussion. Love in our Christ Jesus.:)


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