Joyce Meyer Heresies

Over the years Joyce Meyer has risen in Christian Ministry as a popular speaker and “bible teacher”.  However, this article highlights her subtle heresies and is well substantiated / documented by embeded audio clips and transcripts prepared by Fran Sankey so the reader can hear and read the text for themselves.  It is an eye opener into her subtle and sometimes outright heresies.  Those doing Bible College will find this particularly interesting as she endeavours to teach about how Christ went down into Hell (after He was crucified) and was pummeled by the demons of Hell as they shouted in glee, thinking they had a victory (all of which is non-scriptural). She further adds how she received personal revelation that Jesus was born again in Hell and then rose from the grave (all of which is heretical).  Any bible student can see through Satan’s ploy to take away attention from the Cross of Christ.

Well in her 1991 Booklet called The Most Important Decision you Will Ever Make Joyce Meyer writes quote, “During that time he entered hell where you and I deserved to go because of our sin. He paid the price there. No plan was too extreme. Jesus paid on the cross and in hell.”

These so called special revelations (not to be found in scripture) are typical of all Word of Faith ministers.  Another such example of personal revelation is as follows (quote):

“Do you know something? The minute that blood sacrifice was accepted Jesus was the first human being that was ever born again. Now that was real it happened when he was in hell.”

It is important for every bible student/ Christian to understand just what is being taught and how deceiving it is and what is the real intent of the enemy in bringing these new winds of doctrine across your path.  Lets read the entire article from the original by Fran Sankey.

3 thoughts on “Joyce Meyer Heresies

  1. According to several reports I have read, her ministry states that Joyce Meyer has repudiated her previous teaching that Jesus went into hell after being crucified, i.e. that she no longer believes thiw and no longer teaches it. Can you look into this and comfirm it? 17 Feb 2018.


    • The correct thing for Joyce Meyer to do would be to put out an official public statement of apology acknowledging her earlier error. To the best of my knowledge this has not been done by her.


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