Lazarus and the Rich Man

In (Luke 16;19-31), Jesus shares the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man. Lazarus was a poor man who died and went to paradise (heaven). Dives was a rich man who lived in luxury while on earth and did not repent of his ways. As a result, he lands up in hell, which is a very real place. This video is a must watch for those of us who take life lightly, without a care about where we are going to spend eternity. As the story shows, there is an unbridgeable chasm between heaven and hell which cannot be crossed. Watch intently, this message about life and death. Choose Life! Choose Christ while HE may still be found. feel free to share this video with all those whom you care for.  (feel free to add your comments at the end of the video in this blog itself).

12 thoughts on “Lazarus and the Rich Man

  1. Dear Ian, Praise God for the wonderful video clip on the rich man and Lazarus, It is an eyeopener for me that if I am privileged with all the comforts in life, and good life style , that God has given me , It is my christian responsibility to even have a thought of those others who don’t have the benefits like I have , it may not be for many but even ONE matters.
    Praise God and God Bless

  2. thou we know all these things about heaven and hell , but sumhow it gets hidden ……….. wen dealing with the reality in day to day life………..seeing this video made lot of difference . an actual eye opener to the ultimate .

  3. Thanks Ian for once again reminding us through this video that we need to live our lives with our eternal home in mind. Our actions here on earth have eternal consequences.

  4. This is probably only the third or fourth video that I decided to watch in my eleven years on the Internet. I am glad that invested my time in viewing it. Thank you Ian.
    I had a near-death experience last October, for which I prepared myself spiritually as a Catholic. When I faced death, I faced truths that I already knew: that I could take nothing and no one along with me to the Judgement Seat, that absolutely NOTHING mattered except how I had spent my earthly life, how I had used my God-given “talents”, if I had done the Will of God in my sojourn on earth, and where I would be spending ALL of eternity.
    God bless your apostolate.
    Michael Prabhu, Chennai

    • Thanks Mike! Thanks also for your excellent sharing on your near-death experience. Awesome sharing! I suppose being close to death is the best wake up call, if we get the chance that is!

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