A practical demonstration on how to surrender your problems to God!

A practical demonstration on how to surrender your problems to God! Are you plagued with problems and burdens that you do not know how to get out of? Learn how to cast your burden upon the Lord for He cares for you (1 Pet 5:7). A seven minute video explaining some simple basics on Surrender! I’m sure we know this, but we forget, and a reminder is necessary. Take care to be doers of the Word and not hearers only.

[Note:  The closing slide in the above video has been erroneously mentioned as (Eph 4:6-7) instead of (Phil 4:6-7), error regretted.  

32 thoughts on “A practical demonstration on how to surrender your problems to God!

  1. Dear Ian,

    This Video on Surrender is, for me, both a timely reminder and a confirmation of what God is asking of me at this time.

    I have been grappling with a difficult property issue that only God can resolve. I have been praying but also worrying myself to death, feeling utterly helpless. Your video spoke to me deeply.

    Ian, may I ask you to pray for this intention and to make the surrender on my behalf.

    Thank you very much,



  2. Thanks Ian and Rita, for sharing this practical video on surrender with us. I too use this effective way of surrendering my problems to God and have been sharing it with friends. It is only when I totally surrender that do I receive complete peace from the Lord. But at times I do fall into temptation of taking back my problem and then turn again to complete surrender.


    • Welcome Maria, we need to be reminded of these simple truths from time to time. Thanks for sharing it with your friends also, that’s awesome!


  3. Tks Ian and Rita the message is really very powerful. We know all these things but fail to put it into practice. This was helpful and a reminder too. Thanks once again.

    God bless


  4. Hi Ian ! It was nice to know that you are using media to spread the message. The message in the video is very appropriate since the speed with which everything is changing now-a-days can be very stressful. Like you mentioned in the video, the way to know if you have completely surrendered is to check if you still worry about the problem – perfect surrender will give you peace of mind since you will know that God is working on the problem. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do what you can to address the problem – unless, of course, the problem is completely out of your control. Perfect surrender does not absolve you of your responsibility in the situation, but it gives you the assurance that “God works all things for good…- Romans 8: 28”


    • Well put Royston. Our responsibility still remains to the do the things that we need to do. But worrying ourselves sick to death unnecessarily is not what God wants. Letting go into His hands is sometimes a hard lesson to learn, but here is where faith comes into play. When we know that we are letting go into HIS hands, then yes, peace must be the result! Thanks for your reply – awesome!


  5. Thank you Ian and Rita this was well done and is a lovely way of taking it across to so many who are faced with this situation. Holding on seems to be the order of the day. We hold on to hurts that people have thrown at us and make ourselves miserable. I faced a few instances in my life where it was surrender and take back, surrender and take back and then I used to wonder why the Lord never answered my prayers. It is when I trusted the Lord totally, surrendered my problem and walked away that the situation changed and God handled the problem in such a mysterious way. The saying “God works in mysterious ways” is so true. The key rule is to trust God absolutely and believe me there will be no turning back. God bless both of you in your ministry.


  6. Simple and direct. Will remember this video, whenever I am anxious.
    Thanks Ian and Rita
    God bless you both :o)


  7. Bravo Ian and Rita ,very good demo! I like the sentence that how we pull over our problem back from God and don’t allow it to be solved in His own time, a suggession , could be supported with practical eg; from scriptures and day to day happening in ones life.


  8. Thanks a lot. It bought peace into my heart. Knowing I should surrender my life my entire being in the hands of our Jesus in faith. I should not hold it with me or bring back the thoughts of worries but surrender it to Jesus with faith that Jesus is taking care of my day to day life. All we have to do is call out to Jesus in faith like a child knowing Jesus is alive watching over us with love and care. I would love to hear the word of God. Thanks once again.


    • Thanks for your comments Norma, glad to know that it was a help. You can browse this blog and follow it for fresh posts on the Word of God!


  9. PTL bro. Ian..
    the video really helped, as i am facing alot of issues and i am unable to surrender, just as you demostrated, i am holding back, but your video did help, thank you.


  10. Dear Ian & Rita, this is one amazing video, simple and nice. It was like a reminder that there is nothing that God cannot do, all we have to do is let go & let God take over. I shared the same with my family & friends too, it has made their faith stronger. God bless you both.


  11. Hi Rita and Ian,
    That was an amazing video clipping on “Surrender”. My journey in faith, if I may so call it, has been one of surrender and taking back, surrender and taking back and so it goes on. Your video in all its simplicity and the humility of you two, has taught me once more that we have a God who is watching everything that concerns us (1 Peter 5:7) and so why do I need to fear? My most natural ability to create a thought or situation to worry about just re-afffirms the fact that my faith is shallow because if I still worry it only implies that I doubt God’s power at work within me. Thank you both for sharing this video with us. Could I forward the same to our CFC sisters and brothers? God bless you both in your service to the Lord. God bless your boys too.
    Lalita Carvalho


    • Hi Lalitha, praise God for your wonderful, honest reply! Let me tell you at the outset, that we are all in the same boat. It is a process of learning! Thanks for your testimony, and yes, do share it with whomever you please & encourage them to write their testimonies on this site to encourage others!


  12. Dearest Rita and Ian could not think of a more clear depction of casting our burdens onto someone who came to carry them for us to Calvary .in faith I ask him to carry them because i cant.i however retain my right to take back what i gave as it was freely given to me in the first place Lord give me your grace never to take back what i have promised to give to another and especially what I have already surrendered to you.


  13. Hi Rita and Ian
    Simply loved your video on surrendering to God. It was so enlightening and conveyed so well. God bless u both in your ministry and thanks.
    Elaine Fernandes


  14. dear bro ian and sis rita,

    u had sent me this link quite early , but i don know how i jus missed watching it , past two days im very tensed regarding my little Jianns health and i saw ur caption surrendering problems to god , so i jus clicked it and i had my answer as wat god is wanting from me , im feeling that peace with in me that watever be her reports or further treatment it will be as per gods will and it will be for her best. I WILL NOT WORRY…

    Sis rita, i recalled v had done this during our youth prayer meetings …. thank you soo much, you both are like our guardian angels for us all the time.

    love you both
    shailet fernandes.


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